Authors choose open access (OA) publication for a number of reasons:

  • It means anyone anywhere in the world can read, use and cite your research, which leads to greater visibility and impact, and may encourage collaborations and faster developments in that field.
  • Authors often retain more control over and rights to distribute and re-use of their intellectual property
  • Funders may require outputs for their funded research to be made open access
  • In many countries, much of the research is paid for by the taxpayer, therefore, OA allows the general public to access the research they have contributed towards

  All SAARJ journals are Open Access and there is not article process charge. Although the publication is OA, there are some costs  of the publication process, including but not limited to running peer-review systems, copyediting and typesetting, hosting the article in perpetuity on dedicated servers and marketing.

Yes, we provide. All information about discount systems will be described in detail in the relevant conversation individually. Moreover, the amount of discounts depends on various factors, for example: the number of articles published, the terms of publication, etc.

Totally possible, we have been creating the most interesting scientific platform for researchers from all over the world. All journals and conferences are invited to collaborate with us. There is no commission while uploading your materials on this platform.

In the course of our activity we are responsible for the observance of copyrights. No information is beyond the scope of our company, as we are interested in successful cooperation with the authors of publications on a long-term basis.

All manuscripts are published on acceptance in the format that they were submitted in on the SAARJ platform as soon as any requested revisions have been approved and the license form is received. Once the paper has been typeset it is published e-first ahead of each issue: we aim for a time from submission to e-first publication of each months for the Letters titles and in 10 working days